New RSA 2022 Discretionary Grant Awards

In 2022, OSERS Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) provided over $182 million to fund programs that help to assist state and other agencies in providing vocational rehabilitation (VR) and other services to individuals with disabilities to maximize their employment, independence and integration into the community and the competitive labor market.

Please read about these programs below.

84.250 | American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS)

The American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (AIVRS) program provides grants to the governing bodies of Indian Tribes to develop or to increase their capacity to provide a program of vocational rehabilitation services, in a culturally relevant manner, to American Indians with disabilities residing on or near federal or state reservations.

Name Location FY 2022 Amount
Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon Oregon $357,418.00
Rosebud Sioux Tribe South Dakota $517,583.20
Northern Cheyenne Tribe Montanna $450,000.00
Comanche Nation Oklahoma $400,943.57
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe North Dakota $546,156.00
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska Nebraska $108,803.00
Total $2,380,903.77

84.421D | Disability Innovation Fund — Subminimum Wage to Competitive Integrated Employment (SWTCIE)

The Disability Innovation Fund (DIF) Program, as provided by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (Pub. L. 116-260), supports innovative activities aimed at increasing Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) as defined in section 7 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for youth and other individuals with disabilities.  Subminimum Wage to Competitive Integrated Employment (SWTCIE) demonstration projects awarded to 14 state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies. The purpose of these grants is to decrease the use of subminimum wages and increase access to competitive integrated employment for people with disabilities.

The figures below are for the full five-year grant awards.

Name Location Five-Year Amount
California Department of Rehabilitation California $13,943,946.00
Connecticut State Department of Aging and Disability Service, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services Connecticut $13,943,946.00
Florida Department of Education: Vocational Rehabilitation Florida $13,151,555.99
Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency: Vocational Rehabilitation Georgia $3,729,740.00
Illinois Department of Human Services Illinois $13,943,946.00
Indiana Family and Social Services Administration: Disability and Rehabilitation Services Indiana $13,935,839.00
Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services Iowa $13,875,048.55
Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development: Vocational Rehabilitation Services Minnesota $13,000,000.00
New York State Education Department, Adult Career and Continuing Education Services, Vocational Rehabilitation New York $13,943,946.00
North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation North Carolina $13,852,567.00
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities: Vocational Rehabilitation Ohio $8,973,845.79
Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Pennsylvania $13,943,300.47
Texas Workforce Commission: Vocational Rehabilitation Texas $13,341,599.00
Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services Virginia $13,829,686.58
Total $177,408,966.38

84.427 | Rehabilitation Services and Disability Research — Community Projects

PRIDE Industries

PRIDE Industries has created the Virtual Pre-Employment Transition Services Pilot Project to build upon recent advances in virtual programs and expand access to vocational rehabilitation services, such as workplace readiness training and work-based learning experiences, to 200 students with disabilities (ages 16-21) throughout Northern California. Through this project’s virtual platform, students will be able to obtain virtual workplace readiness training, vocational planning, self-advocacy, counseling on post-secondary educational opportunities, remote work-based learning opportunities, and peer support activities.

Name Location FY 2022 Amount
PRIDE Industries CA $500,000.00
Total $500,000.00

Project SEARCH at Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

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