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If 20 years of serving educators has taught us anything, it’s that a return to the fundamentals of sound practice is always a worthwhile pursuit. As schools and teachers enter into a new school year marked by uncertainty and the ever-present possibility of sudden change, this foundational approach feels especially relevant.

In this spirit, the IRIS Center has just posted one new module and completed significant updates to two others that personnel in schools and districts can use for professional development and personalized learning. And, yes, these resources emphasize a back-to-basics method.

IRIS Module: 1. Challenge | 2. Initial Thought | 3. Persepctive & Resources | 4. Wrap Up | 5. Assessment

Classroom Behavior Management (Part 1): Key Concepts and Foundational Practices (revised module) lays the groundwork for setting up a classroom behavior management plan, covering topics like creating a positive climate, a structured classroom, culturally sustaining practices, and more. New “Returning to School” boxes address unique issues related to the transition back to in-person learning (e.g., the effects of grief, trauma, and anxiety on student behavior). The module also provides a brief overview of rules, procedures, consequences, action plans, and crisis plans, with more in-depth information on these topics to be found in the modules below.

Classroom Behavior Management (Part 2, Elementary): Developing a Behavior Management Plan: (revised module) A companion to Part 1 and specific to elementary classrooms, this module covers the major components of a comprehensive behavior management plan, including rules, procedures, and consequences. An interactive component of this module guides users through the steps of creating their own behavior management plan using the IRIS Behavior Plan Tool. And, as in Part 1, “Returning to School” boxes relate the module’s content to the return to in-person learning.

Classroom Behavior Management (Part 2, Secondary): Developing a Behavior Management PlanNEW! The content in this module mirrors that of Classroom Behavior Management (Part 2, Elementary) (i.e., rules, procedures, consequences, etc.) but is tailored to address the needs of middle- and high school classrooms.

Professions Development seal and ribbonFree PD Certificates of Completion are available for all three modules, as are Kahoot! quizzes.

And speaking of essentials, our fundamental skill sheets fit the bill to a proverbial “T.” Wait time, proximity control, behavior-specific praise, and more, these resources offer educators quick primers (or reminders) about discrete skills and practices indispensable to their role as effective teachers and feature classroom demonstration videos of both correct and incorrect implementation.

And that’s not even scratching the surface of all we have to offer. Visit our Website anytime and get back to basics with the IRIS Center.

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