The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) provides leadership and financial support to assist states, local districts, institutions of higher education, and families.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) authorizes formula grants to states and discretionary grants to higher-education institutions and other nonprofit organizations to support research, demonstrations, technical assistance and dissemination, technology and personnel development, and parent-training and information centers.

Visit our IDEA Statute/Regulations and Policy Support pages for more specific, searchable IDEA law and policy information.

Formula Grantees


The OSEP GRADS360° website includes information and resources on IDEA State Performance Plans/Annual Performance Reports, OSEP materials on the Resources by Topic Area page, and information about Results Driven Accountability.

Discretionary Grantees

OSEP IDEAs That Work

OSEP, directly and through its partners and grantees, develops a wide range of evidence-based products, publications, and resources to assist states, local district personnel, and families to improve results for students with disabilities.

For additional information about OSEP discretionary grant recipients, visit the Resource Centers’ page or OSEP IDEAs That Work.

OSEP IDEAs That Work provides centralized access to information from research-to-practice initiatives funded by OSEP that address the provisions of the IDEA and the Every Students Succeeds Act. This site includes resources, links, and other important information relevant to OSEP’s research-to-practice efforts.

Discretionary Grant Opportunities

OSEP offers a variety of discretionary grants through a competitive process. Visit our Discretionary Grants page for more information.

For additional information about OSEP discretionary grant recipients, visit the OSEP’s Discretionary Grants Public Database.

IDEA Topic Areas

OSEP, along with other Department offices, Federal agencies, and OSEP discretionary funded-grant recipients, provide numerous IDEA-topic area resources.

For Federal resources for IDEA stakeholders on college- and career-readiness standards, tool kits, topic issues in education, intervention IDEA briefs, and a resource library, visit OSEP IDEAs That Work.

For more specific resources on a variety of IDEA topics, visit the Topic Areas resource page. This resource page includes information and resources from the Department, other Federal agencies, and Federally-funded technical assistance centers.

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