OSEP Director Highlights Discipline Policies as Reflective of OSEP Priorities, Two TA Centers Share Preventative Models, Resources

OSEP Director Valerie C. Williams released the second blog in the “OSEP Discipline Discussion Series,” and two OSEP technical assistance centers share resources on preventative models

New Guidance Helps Schools Support Students with Disabilities and Avoid Disparities In the Use of Discipline

The U.S. Department of Education announced the release of new guidance from its Office for Civil Rights and Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services to help public elementary and secondary schools fulfill their responsibilities to meet the needs of students with disabilities and avoid the discriminatory use of student discipline.

ED, HHS Issue Recommendations To Improve Young Children’s Social-Emotional Development, Mental Health

WASHINGTON (June 15, 2022) – The Departments of Education and Health and Human Services issued a Dear Colleague Letter with four recommendations to equitably support the social-emotional development and mental health of young children, June 14. The departments intend for the recommendations and action steps…