non-federal negotiators needed – representing Minority Serving Institutions!!

On October 20, OPE published a Federal Register (FR) soliciting negotiators for our upcoming Negotiated Rulemaking session on Borrower Defenses to Loan Repayment. The FR is available here:

OPE typically receive enough nominees in each category to assemble a strong committee. Unfortunately, the nomination deadline passed withoutreceiving any nominations for negotiators to represent Minority Serving Institutions.

Anyone interested would need to be present for all negotiation sessions, scheduled for January 12 -14, February 17 – 19, and March 16 – 18, 2016. The individual(s) would need to come to the first session and self-nominate, and consensus of the committee is needed in order for the individual(s) to serve as a negotiator or alternate negotiator.

Additional information about the Negotiated Rulemaking process is available here: