National HBCU Week Conference

The Annual National Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) Week Conference is planned under the leadership of the White House Initiative on HBCUs and with input from the President’s Board of Advisors on HBCUs and its conference sponsors . It provides a forum to exchange information and share innovations among and between institutions. Stakeholders, which include: federal agencies, private sector companies and philanthropic organizations) provide an overview of successful engagements that if replicated could improve instruction, degree completion and the understanding of federal policies that shape and support higher education.

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2020 Conference Date

2020: The Perfect Decade to Accelerate HBCU Competitiveness

September 20-24, 2020

2019 HBCU Week Conference

2018 HBCU Week Conference

2016 HBCU Week Conference

2015 HBCU Week Conference

Enhancing HBCU Competitiveness

Student Achievement. Quality Partnerships. Institutional Advancement


HBCU Competitiveness: Aligning Institutional Missions with America’s Priorities

HBCUs: Promoting Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability

2015 HBCU Program

HBCUs: Innovators for Future Success
“STEM, Entrepreneurship and Partnership”

2014 HBCU Week Conference   2013 HBCU Week Conference

2014 HBCU Week Conference, "HBCUs Innovators for Future Success"

HBCUs Innovators for Future Success

HBCUs Facing Forward: a New Paradigm for Educating the 21st-Century Student

HBCUs Facing Forward: a New Paradigm for Educating the 21st-Century Student