Andronica Klaas

2015 HBCU  All-Star

Celebrating #CSEDWeek

 Why did you decide to major in Computer Science?

Andronica Klaas

Andronica Klaas
Johnson C. Smith University
Junior, Computer Science

Even though I will be the first of my siblings to graduate college, my major was influenced greatly by my engineering and tech related background; my older sister is a self-taught electrician, my older brother is a self-taught computer genie and my little sister is an absolute science junkie. Growing up around a love for STEM challenged me to find my niche and I eventually grew to realize that my brother and I both shared a love for computers. Along with this experience, I spent 3 years in high school taking Information Technology as one of my major subjects and absolutely loved it – it was challenging yet fun and I later grew a passion for the field. Upon my arrival in college I decided to pursue computer science because through the above-mentioned experiences I had learned that I have a passion for this field. I later grew to find more benefits of being in computer science that have influenced me to continue pursuing the field, benefits such as; the opportunity of working in a wide range of industries, serving as a mentor to young black female aspiring computer scientists, joining a fast growing industry, having more job prospects and earning a higher salary upon graduation in comparison to my peers.


What do you plan to do with your computer science major in the future?


In the near future, specifically upon graduation, I plan on attending graduate school and advancing my computer science degree to an MBA in Information Systems and eventually advancing it to a PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems. I plan to continue obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills in my field, until I reach a point at which I can devise ways through which to bridge the digital divide. I plan on working with third world countries, especially South Africa, to bridge the divide by sharing the knowledge and skills obtained throughout my years of schooling and training.

Andronica Klaas is a 2015 HBCU All-Star attending Johnson C. Smith University.  She is a junior studying computer science.