2023 Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions & Answers

Question: What are the dates of the conference?
Answer: September 24-28, 2023
Question: Where will the conference be held?
Answer: Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport, 2799 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
Question: Will the conference be in-person or virtual?
Answer: The conference will be 100% In-Person, no sessions will be available virtually.
Question: What are the requirements for using Conference space to conduct meetings after conference hours?
Answer: If space is available, those seeking approval to use conference space should send a request to Sedika.franklin@ed.gov . You will be sent a form to fill out and return.  Subject Line:  2023 HBCU Week, Space Request
Question: Will there be available Wi-Fi or outlets for computer set up during sessions?
Answer: Wi-Fi will be made available for guest speakers and presenters. Those who require Wi-Fi to connect personal equipment should contact the Hyatt for access codes and fees.
Registration and Fees  
Question: Is there a Registration Fee associated with this conference?
Answer: There are no conference fees to attend this annual convening, however participants are responsible for their own hotel, ground transportation and some meals.
Question: I am a HBCU President/Chancellor, where can I find my registration link?
Answer: Contact the Initiative at Sydney.verge@ed.gov for your registration link.
Question: Where do I register?
Answer: https://cvent.me/MLkVgX
Question: Is on-line conference registration required for attendance?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Are previous HBCU All-Stars/Scholars permitted to attend the conference?
Answer: Yes, previous HBCU All-Stars/Scholars should use the general registration link to register under the ‘HBCU Attendee- Not HBCU President/Chancellor category.
Question: When will conference registration open?
Answer: June 20
Question: Can I attend virtually?
Answer: No.
Question: Will I receive a certificate of completion for attending the conference?
Answer: No.  Your confirmation email and materials received at the conference should certify your attendance.
Question: Who do I contact if I have a question about registration?
Answer: The registration team can be reached at Special.events@ed.gov
Question: I am unable to attend, how do I transfer my registration?
Answer: If registration is open, please cancel your registration and inform your replacement to make their own registration through the registration link here:


If registration is closed, the original registrant should send an email to special.events@ed.gov to request the transfer to another individual.  Please include in that message the full name, title, email address and organization of the new registrant.

Question: Is there a waitlist for conference attendance?
Answer: If we reach capacity, the registration team will implement the waitlist.
Question: How does the waitlist work?
Answer: Once we reach capacity, all individuals will be placed on a waitlist. When space becomes available, those waitlisted individuals will be sent a message stating that you may now complete your online registration. This occurs on a first in, first elevated status, so the sooner you join the waitlist, the sooner you would be elevated to complete your registration.
Question: How will I know that I am joining the waitlist?
Answer: The registration page will have bold red writing that says “You are joining the waitlist.”
Question: What is the name/address of the hotel?
Answer: Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport, 2799 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
Question: Should I make my hotel reservation now?
Answer: Yes, you should secure your hotel reservation before inventory is booked.
Question: What is the hotel group rate?
Answer: The group rate is $257.00 per night plus applicable taxes and incidentals for a standard double room.  This rate is available at first come, first served basis and once inventory has been reached the hotel may charge its regular occupancy rate.
Question: What is the hotel reservation code for the group rate?
Answer: G-CCEP
Question: What is the link to reserve my room online?
Answer: Hotel reservations should be made online using this link: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/WASRC/G-CCEP
Question: Can I call the hotel to reserve a room?
Answer: Yes, call direct (703) 418-1234 and use code G-CCEP.
Question: Can I get the group rate before the conference begins?
Answer: Yes, if hotel inventory is available, you may use the group rate code for 3 days before and 3 days after the event.
Question: Is there a deadline for Hotel Reservations at the group rate?
Answer: Yes, the group rate will remain in effect until inventory is reached but no later than September 6, 2023.
Question: If I must cancel my attendance, should I also cancel my hotel reservation?
Answer: Yes, it is your responsibility to cancel your room reservation.  These charges will be your sole responsibility.
Question: Is parking free for conference attendees?
Answer: No
Question: How much is parking?
Answer: The hotel provides valet parking, as available. Hourly rates apply.

First Hour $18

One – Four Hours $28

Four – Six Hours $38

Over Six Hours / Overnight $45

Question: Is there a shuttle from the airport to the hotel?
Answer: Yes. Complimentary shuttle service is available to and from Reagan National Airport / Metro Station daily. The shuttle departs the hotel every 20 minutes.
Question: What is the shuttle schedule?
Answer: https://www.trackmyshuttle.com/ When opening the link be sure to use HOTEL CODE: 2799
Question: Where can I find additional information on Map, Parking + Transportation for the hotel?
Answer: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/virginia/hyatt-regency-crystal-city-at-reagan-national-airport/wasrc/maps-parking-transportation
Question: Where can I find the program agenda?
Answer: Revisit your conference registration confirmation email for the program agenda.
Question: Who provides content for the program?
Answer: The Initiative is a government wide policy making effort to eliminate systemic barriers that HBCUs face in collaborating with federal and private partners therefore, content from those federal and private partners is provided during the conference.
Question: What is this year’s theme?
Answer: Raising the Bar: Forging Excellence through Innovation and Leadership
Question: What are this year’s tracks/paths?
6 Tracks Objective
Career Pathways and Economic Mobility This track is designed to maximize programs, resources, and initiatives that support the recruitment of HBCU talent, human capital, and career advancement opportunities.
Research and Innovation This track is designed to expand research capacity and opportunities within federal agencies, private and nonprofit organizations for HBCUs. It is an opportunity to showcase innovation through partnerships that involve HBCUs, its faculty and its students.
Economic Development This track will provide information on how HBCUs can leverage partnerships that advance opportunities to promote the economic wealth of the HBCU and the communities they serve.
STEAM This track will explore evidence-based tools and innovative practices in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
Students and Emerging Leaders** This track is tailored for the participation of HBCU Students and emerging leaders.
Executive Leadership** This track is tailored for the participation of HBCU Presidents and their invited executives.
Question: Will there be a pre-conference sessions this year?
Answer: Check back periodically for information regarding this event.
Question: Can I submit a session proposal now?
Answer: No, the session proposal submission period ended on June 2.
Question: I submitted a session proposal, when will I be notified of my selection status?
Answer: On or before July 16, 2023.
Question: When did the exhibit application period open?
Answer: May 2
Question: Can I submit an exhibitor application now?
Answer: No, the exhibitor application submission period ended on June 2.
Question: What are the requirements for exhibition?
Answer: An innovative approach that is unique, drives traffic and creates an environment that is engaging and fun. (Simulators, video presentations, AR/VR, interactive installations, demonstrations contactless engagement, games, etc. are encouraged.)
Question: Will you accept late Exhibitor Applications?
Answer: No, we are at capacity and will not accept any additional applications for the 2023 National HBCU Week Conference.
Question: Is there an exhibitor fee?
Answer: No, however Exhibitors that require Wi-Fi access, electricity, parking, and/or additional AV support will need to coordinate those services with the venue directly.
Question: May I sale items at my exhibit table?
Answer: No.
Question: What electronic device/set-ups are allowed?
Answer: Set-up, show time, shipping and breakdown information will be provided to Approved Exhibitors.
Question: Do exhibitors have access to sessions?
Answer: Yes, if space allows.
Question: When will I be notified of my selection status?
Answer: No later than August 1, 2023.
Question: Am I considered a sponsor if I have an exhibit table?
Answer: No.
Question: Who may volunteer to support conference events?
Answer: Only Federal employees may volunteer for this federal event.
Question: How do I become a sponsor/donor for the conference?
Answer: Contact the Initiative via email at oswhi-hbcu@ed.gov to explore opportunities.
Career Fair  
Question: When is the Career and Recruitment Fair?
Answer: Thursday, September 28, 2023
Question: Where is the Career and Recruitment Fair held?
Answer: Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport, 2799 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
Question: Who can attend?
Answer: Undergraduates, Graduates, Doctoral Candidates, Recent Alumni and Experienced Professionals are welcome!
Question: Where can I find more information about employer vendors the Career and Recruitment Fair?
Answer: https://web.cvent.com/event/8520b10f-0a2b-4f03-85ac-53a52099467e/summary
Question: What else will happen during the Career and Recruitment Fair?
Answer: The career fair will feature general recruitment; direct hiring and interviewing; career development sessions, activities and more!
Question: Will recruiters offer me employment on the same day at the event?
Answer: Yes, some recruiters plan to interview and hire on Thursday, September 28, 2023.
Question: Do I need to register to attend the Career and Recruitment Fair?
Answer: Yes, Click on this link to register: CAREER FAIR REGISTRATION
Question: Why do I need to register for the career fair, if I am registered for the conference?
Answer: Registration for the career fair helps us to track the number of individuals seeking jobs, compared to those who receive job offers.
Question: Can I register the day of the event
Answer: Yes.
Question: My company applied for General Recruiting Opportunities, when will we be notified about our selection status?
Answer: Approved applications will be notified on or before August 2, 2023.


Question: I’m nervous, what are some tips, I should know before attending the career fair?
Answer: ·      Develop your recruitment and hiring need and goals: Research employers before attending the event and map out which engagement and opportunities best fit your needs.

·      Engage with employers and ask questions before the event, using our conference app.

·      Think of questions to ask employers

·      Work on your elevator pitch

·      Attend the professional development session that will take place during the event

·      Bring business cards, resume, and wear your name tag: Maintain your professionalism throughout the career fair by wearing name tags and providing business cards or resume with your information on it.

·      Reach out to employers after the event: After collecting names, contact information, reach out to employers a few days after the event. Contacting them soon helps them easily remember you.