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DHS Summary of Resources for State, Local, Tribal, Territorial, and Campus Law Enforcement Partners

HBCU Bomb Threat Resource Guide (2022)


DHS School Safety

DHS and its partners at every level of government and in communities across the country have redoubled our efforts to continue enhancing school safety and security. CISA’s School Safety and Security webpage offers a starting place for resources and tools related to school safety and security. Learn more.


Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3)

CP3 provides technical, financial, and educational assistance to establish and expand local prevention frameworks to reduce the number of people susceptible to radicalization to violence, while helping those who may be radicalizing to violence to disengage before violence occurs. Learn more.


Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP)

OBP leads DHS efforts to prevent, protect against, respond to, and mitigate the use of explosives against critical infrastructure; the private sector; and SLTT entities. OBP offers awareness products and resources to build nationwide core capabilities and awareness of terrorist threats. Learn more.


Securing Public Gatherings

Public gatherings and crowded places are increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks and other extremist actors because of their relative accessibility and large number of potential targets. Certain actions can help mitigate risk and promote resilience in this space. Learn more.



Emergency Management Institute

L0363 Multi-Hazard Emergency Management for Higher Education course includes an emergency operations center (EOC) exercise.  There are several scenarios that may be used for the functional tabletop exercise one of which is an active shooter scenario.

Campus Emergencies Prevention, Response, and Recovery (MGT-324)

This course provides participants with an understanding of and ability to navigate through the difficult aspects of dealing with campus emergencies involving natural or manmade events, including acts of violence. The course consists of small, problem-based, integrated group activities that require a coordinated, integrated approach to solve. Through tabletop scenarios, course participants will observe a developing incident and respond in a manner consistent with currently established campus and jurisdictional emergency operations procedures.

24th Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium, June 6-9, 2022

The mission of the Higher Education Program is to engage emergency management academia, professional organizations, and practitioners to work together to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation through education and research to meet the challenges that confront the Nation.  Since 1994, the Higher Education Program has helped foster growth in the academic community to include college and university-based programs in emergency management, homeland security, and related fields. has campus safety tools and resources including guides for developing campus emergency operations plans and tools for students. also has a page on explosions that is not campus specific but does have information that may be helpful.

CERT Basic Training is not campus specific but is a great individual and community preparedness resource. Specifically, Unit 8 titled “CERT and Terrorism” trains individuals in identifying terrorism and preparing themselves and their neighborhoods.

The National Threat Evaluation and Reporting (NTER) Master Trainer Program (MTP) allows homeland security partners to assist their communities in adapting to an evolving threat landscape.

The State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) Program provides no-cost training and resources to state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement officers, analysts, and support staff, who serve as the front line of defense against acts of terror.


Basic Bomb Threat Procedure Checklist

Emergency Management Guide – Hiher Ed

Behavioral Approach to Violence Prevention

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National Threat Evaluation and Reporting Slick Sheet

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