Biden PBAHBCU Subcommittees


Focus: Correcting physical, technological, and energy efficient infrastructure.

Makola Abdullah, Chair

Willie Deese, Co-Chair


Financial & Career Pathways Support

Focus: Broadening financial and career pathways support for students, particularly from low-resource areas with emphasis on paid internships and other industry placements and programs, including mentorships; career services more broadly; and collaboration on certifications.

Javaune Adams-Gaston, Chair

Brett J. Hart, Co-Chair



Focus: Federal research support with emphasis faculty capacity as it relates to competitiveness, private research support, and advancing institutions’ research categorizations.

Glenda Glover, Chair

Lisa P. Jackson, Co-Chair


HBCU Preservation & Growth

Focus: Increase targeted support for all HBCUs with a specific focus on smaller institutions, including private and two-year institutions.

Quinton T. Ross Jr., Chair

Shevrin D. Jones, Co-Chair