Interagency Clusters

On May 9, 2018, the WHI-HBCU Team with support of the VA Acquisition Academy’s (VAAAs), Enterprise Shared Services staff and Coley & Associates facilitated an interest mapping exercise for the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (WHI-HBCU).  This engagement was performed to form Interagency  Clusters (ICs).

To date, the Interagency Clusters (IC) are flexible, adaptable, interconnected and broadly applicable. They have the potential to create efficiencies within the Federal system, as clusters are an effective tool by which to organize collaborative and actionable leadership to implement Executive Order (EO) 14041.  By aligning Federal system assets and creating shared strategies and tactics, agencies can develop and implement programs and strategic initiatives to improve the competitiveness of HBCUs and the people and communities they principally serve.

The goals, of the Interagency Cluster(s) ICs are to:

  1. Create efficiencies within the Federal system to implement Executive Order 14041;
  2. Provide high-leverage, collaborative leadership; and
  3. Exponentially increase Federal agency contributions to HBCUs and the people and communities they principally serve.



Goal Statement

Campus Safety & Resilience The Campus Safety & Resilience cluster’s goal is to improve and increase the HBCU campus preparedness and resilience through the provision of grants, emergency management curriculum development and training the faculty, staff, and students.
Humanities Arts/Culture Our goal is to ensure the work of this cluster functions to aid HBCUs by providing technical assistance to build capacity for competitive applications to increase an awareness to career pathways in the arts, humanities, etc.
SMART HBCUs (Information, Technology  & Broadband) Vision of the broadband cluster is to work collaboratively across federal agencies to ensure the availability, access, and adoption of ICT in general and broadband specifically to ensure the competitiveness of HBCU anchor institutions and inclusive competitiveness of their host communities.
Human Capital (Student Engagement, Law & Process) Committed to working together, combine our resources to advance & maximize programs and initiatives around the area of Human Capital as it pertains to student engagement and law & process.
International Affairs To enable HBCUs and their constituencies top develop and enhance their international efforts to effectively engage in the 21st century economy and society.
Economic Development The Economic Development Cluster promotes the economic actions of HBCUs and their environments by sharing information regarding funding opportunities and building capacity to access federal resources & engage in market based public private partnerships.