Campus Safety & Resilience

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Cluster Value Statement: To provide a platform for federal partners and HBCUs to collaborate and share resources and information that will improve the internationalization of institutions, faculty and students.



Arthur P. McMahan, Ph.D

Arthur McMahan


Cluster Lead(s):


Calvin Hodnett & Michelle McGriff


List of Programs & Initiatives:

  1. Emergency Management Institute (EMI) – HBCUs Campus Preparedness * development of EMI curriculum
  2. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) College Intern Program: To increase engagement by HBCUs and their students, faculty, staff and community in State Department employment, internships and international exchange programs and activities.
  3. OVW Solicitation including Sexual Violence on HBCU campuses.


Cluster Members:



Upcoming events:

Cluster meeting-TBD

LEEA Conference DC-TBD