The Office of Special Education Programs Awards More Than $35 Million for 138 Personnel Preparation and Professional Development-Related Grants

OSEP announced $35 million in funding for 138 awards, including one national technical assistance center, which will support preparation, ongoing professional learning and leadership development for educators.

Cohesive Secondary Transition Planning Needed to Improve Postsecondary Education, Employment Outcomes for Students With Disabilities

OSEP Director Williams and RSA Deputy Commissioner Dobak released a new blog series as part of a continued effort to emphasize the need for more cohesive secondary transition planning for students with disabilities.

Department of Education Announces Its Largest Ever Vocational Rehabilitation Discretionary Grant Opportunity

OSERS announced $224 million in discretionary grant opportunities in the largest competition in the history of OSERS Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). The funding will focus on transition services for children and youth with disabilities.