Section 1419 (g) (1)

    (1) Subgrants required

  • Each State that receives a grant under this section for any fiscal year shall distribute all of the grant funds that the State does not reserve under subsection (d) to local educational agencies in the State that have established their eligibility under section 1413 of this title, as follows:
    • (A) Base payments

    • The State shall first award each local educational agency described in paragraph (1) the amount that agency would have received under this section for fiscal year 1997 if the State had distributed 75 percent of its grant for that year under section 1419(c)(3) of this title, as such section was then in effect.
    • (B) Allocation of remaining funds

    • After making allocations under subparagraph (A), the State shall—
      • (i) allocate 85 percent of any remaining funds to those local educational agencies on the basis of the relative numbers of children enrolled in public and private elementary schools and secondary schools within the local educational agency’s jurisdiction; and
      • (ii) allocate 15 percent of those remaining funds to those local educational agencies in accordance with their relative numbers of children living in poverty, as determined by the State educational agency.
      • Severe Discrepancy
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