Subpart B — Subpart B—State Eligibility for a Grant and Requirements for a Statewide System

General Authority and Eligibility

Sec. 303.100 — General authority

Sec. 303.101 — State eligibility—requirements for a grant under this part

State Conformity With Part C of the Act and Abrogation of State Sovereign Immunity

Sec. 303.102 — State conformity with Part C of the Act

Sec. 303.103 — Abrogation of State sovereign immunity

Equipment and Construction

Sec. 303.104 — Acquisition of equipment and construction or alteration of facilities

Positive Efforts To Employ and Advance Qualified Individuals With Disabilities

Sec. 303.105 — Positive efforts to employ and advance qualified individuals with disabilities

Minimum Components of a Statewide System

Sec. 303.110 — Minimum components of a statewide system

Sec. 303.111 — State definition of developmental delay

Sec. 303.112 — Availability of early intervention services

Sec. 303.113 — Evaluation, assessment, and nondiscriminatory procedures

Sec. 303.114 — Individualized family service plan (IFSP)

Sec. 303.115 — Comprehensive child find system

Sec. 303.116 — Public awareness program

Sec. 303.117 — Central directory

Sec. 303.118 — Comprehensive system of personnel development (CSPD)

Sec. 303.119 — Personnel standards

Sec. 303.120 — Lead agency role in supervision, monitoring, funding, interagency coordination, and other responsibilities

Sec. 303.121 — Policy for contracting or otherwise arranging for services

Sec. 303.122 — Reimbursement procedures

Sec. 303.123 — Procedural safeguards

Sec. 303.124 — Data collection

Sec. 303.125 — State interagency coordinating council

Sec. 303.126 — Early intervention services in natural environments