Sec. 303.13 (b) (2)

(2) Audiology services include—

(i) Identification of children with auditory impairments, using at-risk criteria and appropriate audiologic screening techniques;
(ii) Determination of the range, nature, and degree of hearing loss and communication functions, by use of audiological evaluation procedures;
(iii) Referral for medical and other services necessary for the habilitation or rehabilitation of an infant or toddler with a disability who has an auditory impairment;
(iv) Provision of auditory training, aural rehabilitation, speech reading and listening devices, orientation and training, and other services;
(v) Provision of services for prevention of hearing loss; and
(vi) Determination of the child’s individual amplification, including selecting, fitting, and dispensing appropriate listening and vibrotactile devices, and evaluating the effectiveness of those devices.
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