President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

Appointed by the President, the Commission is chaired by Dr. Eduardo Padrón and is composed of outstanding individuals who represent a variety of sectors with relevant experience in education, philanthropic and labor organizations, research institutions, corporate and financial institutions, nonprofit and community‐based organizations, HSIs and other college and university presidents. The Commission advises the President and the U.S. Secretary of Education on matters pertaining to the educational attainment of the Hispanic community. The Commission meets periodically and works on the following key priorities for the Administration and Initiative through established subcommittees:

  • Early Learning – increasing access and support for high quality early learning for Hispanic children
  • K‐12 Education – increasing high school graduation rates among Hispanic students, and increasing the number of Hispanic and bilingual teachers
  • Postsecondary Education – increasing rates of postsecondary completion among Hispanic students

President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics



Early Learning Subcommittee

  • Sylvia Acevedo, Chair
  • Modesto Abety Gutierrez, Vice-Chair
  • Cesar Conde
  • Nancy Navarro
  • Adrian Pedroza
  • Manny Sanchez
  • Shakira

K-12 Education Subcommittee

  • Daniel Cardinali, Co-Chair
  • Patricia Gándara, Co-Chair
  • Alfredo Artiles
  • Lily Eskelsen Garcia
  • JoAnn Gama
  • Monica Martinez
  • Veronica Melvin
  • Maria Neira
  • Eduardo Padron
  • Darline Robles
  • Kent Scribner

 Postsecondary Education Subcommittee

  • Luis Fraga, Co-Chair
  • Lisette Nieves, Co-Chair
  • Nancy Brune
  • Francisco Cigarroa
  • Millie Garcia
  • Manuel Gomez
  • Sara Lundquist
  • Monica Martinez
  • Beatriz Rendon
  • Darline Robles
  • Ricardo Romo
  • Marta Tienda

 President’s Advisory Commission Public Meetings