President’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity

Appointed by the President, the Commission is composed of outstanding individuals with relevant experience or subject matter expertise in promoting educational opportunities and economic success in the Hispanic American community.  The Commission advises the President on matters pertaining to providing Hispanic American students, workers, and communities with increased access to educational and economic opportunities. The Commission meets periodically and works on key priorities for the Administration and Initiative.

The key priorities include:

(i)    promote pathways to in-demand jobs for Hispanic American students, including apprenticeships, internships, fellowships, mentorships, and work-based learning initiatives;

(ii)   strengthen HSIs, as defined by the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, and increase the participation of the Hispanic American community, Hispanic-serving school districts, and HSIs in the programs of the Department and other agencies;

(iii)  promote local-based and national private-public partnerships to promote high-quality education, training, and economic opportunities for Hispanic Americans;

(iv)   promote awareness of educational opportunities for Hispanic American students, including options to enhance school choice, personalized learning, family engagement, and civics education;

(v)    promote public awareness of the educational and training challenges that Hispanic Americans face and the causes of these challenges;

(vi)   monitor changes in Hispanic Americans’ access to educational and economic opportunities; and

(vii)  advise the President and the Initiative on educational and economic opportunities for the Hispanic American community.