The quality of a student’s teacher is the single most influential in-school factor in academic achievement and future life outcomes. With the increase in Hispanic population, it is important to have a teaching workforce that reflects the student population in order to meet the demands of our increasingly diverse nation.

Over 1 out of 4 public school students are Hispanic,

 while Hispanic teachers represent only 9.3% of the teaching workforce.

With the #LatinosTeach online campaign, the White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanics features Hispanic teachers to demonstrate that while they are underrepresented, there are many Hispanics who are dedicating themselves to serving their community through teaching.

Teacher Appreciation Week banner

Presidential Proclamation on National Teacher Appreciation Day and National Teacher Appreciation Week, 2022

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6, 2022. There are various ways to recognize our nation’s teachers:

  1. Share a post and tweet on social media recognizing a teacher that matters to you and using the hashtags #ThankATeacher and #LatinosTeach.
  2. Participate in the #ThankATeacher Challenge on social media. Craft your own videos, tweets, etc using the template below, and tag your friends and colleagues in to do the same! We want to create a chorus of thank you’s for educators across the country.
    • Example script: I’m joining Secretary Cardona and other across the country in the #ThankaTeacher Challenge for Teacher Appreciation Week. [Teacher Name], you were the most influential adult in my life. You changed the way I thought about myself and made me love [subject]. Now, I’m challenging [name, organization, social media handle] to join me in thanking a teacher. Thank you!
  3. Nominate or self-nominate yourself to be part of our #LatinosTeach campaign. We would like to collect your stories about the importance of Hispanics in the teaching profession and share them.

Nominate a Latino educator by filling out our Nomination Form and emailing the Initiative at WHIEEH@ed.gov. Be sure to include the educators name and contact information.

You may also ask the educator to fill out the Nomination Response Form and submit it to WHIEEH@ed.gov.  

We will be featuring recognized educators on this webpage. Below are educators the Initiative recognized in our previous #LatinosTeach campaigns.

See all of the educators recognized in 2016.

See all of the educators recognized in 2015.

See all of the educators recognized in 2014.

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