Priorities from the Executive Order on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanics:

The Initiative shall advance educational equity and economic opportunity for Latino and Hispanic students, families, and communities by focusing on the following policy goals:

  1. Increasing general understanding of systemic causes of educational challenges faced by many Hispanic and Latino students, whether these students are in urban, suburban, rural, or migrant learning environments, and working across Federal agencies to address these challenges;
  2. Increasing Hispanic and Latino children’s and families’ access to and participation in high-quality early childhood programs and services that promote children’s healthy development and learning, prepare them for success in school, and affirm their cultural and linguistic identity;
  3. Addressing the inequitable treatment of Hispanic and Latino children, such as eradicating disparities in disciplinary actions;
  4. Supporting and improving data collection related to Hispanic and Latino students and the implementation of evidence-based strategies to increase the participation and success of Hispanic and Latino students in all levels of education and prepare them for careers and civic engagement;
  5. Ensuring that all Hispanic and Latino students have access to excellent teachers, school leaders, and other professionals, including by supporting efforts to improve the recruitment, preparation, development, and retention of qualified, diverse teachers and school leaders and other professionals who understand students’ lived experiences and can effectively meet their learning, social, and emotional needs;
  6. Enhancing student support services and fostering positive engagement among schools, families, community leaders, and community-based organizations to increase the high school graduation and post-secondary attendance rates and decrease the high school dropout rate for Hispanic and Latino students;
  7. Promoting a positive school climate that supports equitable access to and participation in college-readiness, advanced placement courses, and internship opportunities, as well as innovative dropout prevention and recovery strategies that better engage Hispanic and Latino youth in their learning, help them progress academically as needed, and provide those who have left the educational system with pathways to reentry;
  8. Eliminating discriminatory enrollment, housing, transportation, and other policies that lead to racial and socioeconomic segregation among and within schools;
  9. Ensuring equitable access to educational resources, professionals, and technology, including by addressing racial disparities in school funding and expenditures;
  10. Breaking down barriers that impede the access of higher education institutions that serve Hispanic and Latino students, such as HSIs, to Federal funding, and strengthening the capacity of those institutions to participate in Federal programs and partnerships;
  11. Advancing racial equity and economic opportunity by connecting education to labor market needs through programs such as dual enrollment, career and technical education, registered apprenticeships, work-based learning, and career advancement, particularly in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; and
  12. Ensuring that Hispanic and Latino communities have access to resources for economic success, such as in the areas of financial education, small business development, entrepreneurship, arts, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Secretary Cardona’s Priorities

Raise the Bar Lead the World Priorities

On January 24, 2023, Secretary Cardona laid out his vision (video) for the direction the U.S. Department of Education will follow in 2023 to promote academic excellence, improve learning conditions, and prepare our students for a world where global engagement is critical to our nation’s standing. Learn more about the “Raise the Bar: Lead the World” Initiative.

Achieving Academic Excellence

Achieving Academic Excellence

Accelerating learning for every student

Deliver a comprehensive and rigorous education for every student

Creating Pathways for Global Engagements

Boldly Improve Learning Conditions

Eliminate the educator shortage for every school

Invest in every student’s mental health and well-being

Boldly Improve Learning Conditions

Creating Pathways for Global Engagements

Ensure every student has a pathway to college and career

Provide every student a pathway to multilingualism

2022 Priorities and Vision for Education

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Secretary Cardona's Priorities