Student Voices Blog Series

Today, there are about 3 million Hispanic undergraduate students in college. Each  student has their unique postsecondary experience. Each have a story of overcoming barriers and challenges. Each have a story of student success

To highlight these stories of student success, the White House Initiative on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Hispanics launched a Student Voices blog series. The purpose of the series is to showcase the unique college experiences of Hispanic students. These shared stories can serve as a resource for current students, especially first-generation students, to learn more about college life. In addition, it can be beneficial for faculty and university administrators to learn more about the Hispanic undergraduate experience. By celebrating our students’ achievements, this can create pathways for future Hispanic student success by demonstrating what our students are already achieving, while additionally underscoring the potential, and need, for future growth.

No student is the same, and these blog posts highlight the many different paths, obstacles, and dreams of these students as they navigate their way through college. From community college experiences to finding a different career path, this blog series encompasses only a fraction of stories that college students may experience. We hope to share these stories as a way to know that current students are not alone in this experience and to be encouraged and empowered in their postsecondary education experience.

This series will be updated periodically.

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The content of these posts reflects the opinions of individuals who wrote it and is not an endorsement or statement from the U.S. Department of Education.

Student Voices Stories:

Stefanie Tellez, Breaking the Community College Stereotype

Carolina Dominguez-Burciaga, Returning the Favor: Why I Chose Higher Education

Lynda Peralta, A Master’s Degree in Business Administration: Support for a Budding Entrepreneur

Enrique Cornejo, Reflections on a Future in Education

Roxanna Barboza, A Different Route to Success: First, Community College; Then a Four-Year University

Evan Greenwald, The Pathway to Teaching: “Get Involved, Ask Questions”

Bernadette Labrado, Student Teaching Paved the Way for Life in the Classroom

Rebeca Saray GriegoMoving Away From Home for College — Some Advice

Brianna Diaz, On the Road to College: Exploring and Taking Chances

Yaqeline Castro, Discovering a Personal Journey

Crystal Guerva, Falling Into Place

Katherine Cervantes, Follow the Rainbow of Happiness

Valentina Tovar, The Challenge of College

Jonathan Herrera, Mentorship is the Greater Success

Lourdes Bustos, Being the Help in my Community

Monica Maldonado, My Dedication

Lorena Aceves, Trust the Process and Be Proactive

Paola Gonzalez, Overcoming Imposter Syndrone: Finding Your First-Generation Community

Emily Aguilar, Finding My Destination

Juan Quinonez Zepeda, Constructing Your Own Story

Julia Santiago, My Dream

Walter Ramirez, A Support System to Uplift My Educational Journey