About Us

The success of Hispanic Americans is integral to the economic future of our country. As more than 60 million Hispanics live in the United States today, Hispanics are the largest minority group in the country. Hispanics are also the Nation’s youngest major racial or ethnic group. Generations of Hispanics constituting different backgrounds and cultures have contributed to building a strong and prosperous America. Their collective contributions continue a legacy of inspiration that is a cherished part of the American experience.


The White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative (Initiative) seeks to improve access by Hispanic Americans to educational and economic opportunities, that lead to economic prosperity.  Today, Americans have more paths to prosperity than any previous generation, and it is important to ensure Hispanic Americans have every opportunity to access these pathways and to fulfill their educational and economic aspirations.  Consistent with its mission, the Initiative:

  1. Identifies and promotes educational and workforce development practices that have improved educational, professional, and economic outcomes for Hispanic Americans;
  2. Encourages private-sector initiatives and fosters public-private partnerships that improve access to educational and economic opportunities for Hispanic Americans;
  3. Develops a national network of individuals, organizations, and communities, with which to consult and collaborate regarding practices and policies that improve access to educational and economic opportunities for Hispanic Americans;
  4. Monitors the development, implementation, and coordination of Federal Government educational, workforce, and business development programs designed to improve outcomes for Hispanic Americans; and
  5. Advises the President, through the Secretary of Education, on issues of importance to Hispanic Americans and policies relating to Hispanic Americans’ prosperity.