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Located within the Office of the Secretary, the Department of Education’s International Affairs Office provides overall guidance and coordination of the Department’s international engagement and advises the Secretary and other senior officers on international issues that may affect U.S. education or Department policies and programs.

Advancing ED’s International Strategy

Developed through an extensive process of consultation, the Department has established its first-ever fully articulated international strategy for 2012-2016. The strategy is designed to simultaneously advance two strategic goals: strengthening U.S. education and advancing our nation’s international priorities. The strategy reflects the value and necessity of:

  • A world-class education for all students;
  • Global competencies for all students;
  • International benchmarking and applying lessons learned from other countries; and
  • Education diplomacy and engagement with other countries.

Read our International Strategy. [PDF, 1.15MB].

International Education Week 2014

From Left to Right: Sally Schwartz, CGEL/Globalize DC, Pamela Bullock, Mohamed Abdel-Kader, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International and Foreign Language Education,Stacy Yule, Teacher, and Jeffrey Wood, Student

Panelist--Jeffrey Wood, Sally Schwartz, Pamela Bullock, Stacy Yule, and Mohamed Abdel-Kader

Jeffrey Wood, Student from Beyond the Wall film

Ribbon Cutting

Group photo of student artist, PS177 Technology Band and speakers




PS177 Technology Band

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Yo Soy…Je Suis…I am…My Neighborhood

Moderator Dana Kelly, Vice Chair, PISA Governing Board, NCES Assessment Division

Presenter Melinda George, President, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future

Panelist--Maureen McLaughlin, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Education and Director of International Affairs, Emily Davis, Teacher Ambassador Fellow, and Melinda George, President, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future




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