Academic and Professional Mobility

The International Affairs Office houses the U.S. Network for Education Information (USNEI), which was established in 1996 as a central point of contact for information on U.S. education.  USNEI also serves as the designated U.S. information center – or U.S. ENIC – under the 1997 Lisbon Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in the European Region.  Each signatory country of the Lisbon Convention has an information center, and together these centers compose the European Network of National Information Centers (ENIC network).  The ENIC network was formed to implement the Lisbon Convention and to generally promote greater mobility by providing information about a country’s education system and the recognition of foreign academic credentials.

To this end, USNEI/U.S. ENIC responds to inquiries from foreign credential evaluators seeking information about U.S. education and addresses questions from foreign-educated persons wishing to work or pursue further education in the United States.  For example, foreign-educated persons often seek information about the recognition of their degree or how to practice a profession in the United States. IAO also occasionally fields inquiries from U.S. persons who are interested in working or pursuing further studies abroad.

ED Contact: Rafael Nevarez


Information on the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

ENIC-NARIC Portal: Information related to education in the 55 countries of the Network, including details concerning recognized institutions and how foreign credentials are evaluated.

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