HBCU Scholar Recognition Program

2022 HBCU Scholar Application Coming Soon!

The White House Initiative on Education Equity, Excellence and Eco monic Development through Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Initiative) is excited to announce our HBCU  Scholar Recognition Program, a student recognition program designed to honor current HBCU students for their excellence, i.e., successfully preparing to compete for top opportunities that improve standards of living in their communities.

The HBCU  Scholars will help form the next generation of leaders who exhibit and champion HBCU excellence. The Initiative will select HBCU Scholars for their:

  • Academic Achievement: established classroom performance;
  • Civic and Campus Engagement: proven leadership to make a positive difference at their institutions and in their communities; and                  
  • Entrepreneurial Ethos: demonstrated character to pursue new opportunities, despite limited resources, i.e., the “go-getter” or competitive spirit.

For the specified academic school year, HBCU Scholars will serve as representatives of their respective institutions, communities and to the Initiative. The Initiative will provide outreach and engagement opportunities for HBCU Scholars as well as information and resources to disseminate among their fellow students. HBCU Scholars will participate in regional events, webinars; and monthly master classes with the Initiative staff and other professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Scholars also will have opportunities to engage with one another to showcase individual and collective talent across the HBCU spectrum.

To inform their experience, HBCU Scholars are expected to carefully assess their personal and career aspirations, as well as the needs of their institutions and communities, to help determine the best ways the Initiative and its partners might provide support. It is essential that the Initiative engage the next generation of leaders who are expected to make meaningful contributions to society. Their growth and development are crucial to the success of our communities, our nation and our global competitiveness.

Nomination Period: Now Closed, will open soon!

HBCU Scholar Recognition Program inquiries can be sent to  hbcuscholars@ed.gov.

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HBCU Scholar Recognition Program Description

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If the WHIHBCU can be of assistance in the nomination process,

or if you have further questions, please contact us at oswhi-hbcu@ed.gov or by phone at (202) 453-5634.