2014 HBCU All-Star Student

2014 HBCU All Star Conference Photo

2014 HBCU All Star Conference Photo

75 HBCU All-Stars representing 62 institutions have been serving as ambassadors of the White House Initiative by providing outreach and communication with their fellow students about the value of education and the Initiative as a networking resource.

2014 HBCU All-Star Press Release

2014 HBCU All- Star Profile Booklet

 6 HBCU All-Star  iASPiRE Profiles (Courtesy of ASPiRE TV)

Over the course of the year — through social media and their relationships with community-based organizations — the All-Stars have shared promising and proven practices that support opportunities for all young people to achieve their educational and career potential. Below are six examples of individual journeys that capture the esssence of All-Stars who ASPiRE to be great.

Change the Game HBCU AllStar Reception – Billion Dollar Roundtable (VIDEO)

This video provides a glimpse into the events that the All-Star participated in during the 2014 HBCU Week Conference.