2020 Tentative Agenda

This tentative agenda is subject to change without notice

This year’s conference theme – National HBCU Week 2020: The Perfect Decade to Accelerate HBCU Competitiveness – builds on the momentum of past conferences that have exposed, cultivated and nurtured. Now, we are putting it all together, offering a unique experience, substantially structured around deal-making between HBCUs, the Federal sector and non-Federal public and private partners.

The 2020 conference will feature seven tracks: (1) Federal Investments; (2) Business and Community Partnerships; (3) Academic Research Enterprise; (4) Human Capital; (5) Contracting Competitiveness; (6) eSports; and (7) Arts and Culture. The underlying objective of each track is creating the best possible deal-making conditions over three days for institutions, students, Federal and non-Federal agencies and the private sector. For 2020, the Initiative is driving hard toward real, tangible opportunities to accelerate improved student outcomes and community living standards.