Meetings and Minutes

The Chair shall consult with the Executive Director of the Initiative and the Designated Federal Official regarding the time and location of the Board’s meetings, which shall take place at least once every six months. Meetings are open to the public except as may be determined otherwise by the General Counsel of the Department in accordance with 41 CFR §102-3.155 of the FACA.

A majority of the voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Advisory Board Charter- 2019


Meeting Notices

June 2019 Meeting Notice

September 2019 Meeting Notice

February 2020 Meeting Notice

September 2020 Meeting Notice


Meeting Minutes

PBA Minutes 061319-Certified

Official Meeting Transcript-091119

PBA Minutes 091119-Certified

PBA Minutes 021420-Draft

Official Meeting Transcript-021420

PBA Minutes 092320-Draft

Official Meeting Transcript 092320


Meeting Videos

June 13, 2019- Washington, DC

February 14, 2020- Washington, DC

September 23, 2020- Virtual