IPA/UAO Opportunity

Opportunity for Inter-Agency Personnel Agreement (IPA)
University Affairs Officer, NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA.

The Office of Education and Public Outreach at NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) implements high-quality and meaningful education experiences that enhance the Nation’s STEM pipeline while informing the public of NASA’s unique missions and discoveries. NASA’s Offices of Communication and Education functions are both essential elements in inspiring, informing, engaging and educating learners, and each plays a critical role towards increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of NASA and STEM. A vital part of preparing and developing the STEM pipeline is engaging, and collaborating with, academia and STEM workforce development organizations for purposes of maximizing the efficiency and capacity of STEM competencies in the future workforce.

Roles & Responsibilities
The University Affairs Officer (IPA) is a public facing position that represents NASA with institutions of higher learning, and community-based STEM organizations.
For this position, the University Affairs Officer shall:
· Facilitate and foster relationships with institutions of higher education, STEM non-profits to enhance both NASA’s and the Nation’s future technical workforce
· Facilitate faculty interactions with Ames’ researchers and scientists.
· Function as the NASA Internships, Fellowships and Scholarships (NIFS) lead.
· Function as the Agency lead for NASA Fellowships, NASA Scholarships, NASA Academies and NASA’s International Internship programs.
· Serve as a subject matter expert in higher education with special emphasis on program development and implementation that attract and maintain students within a STEM pipeline.
· Develop proposals and solicitations for the Office of Education that seeks to aligned activities with NASA and CoSTEM’s efforts.
· Review and evaluate proposals from institutions of higher education & educational Non-profits in areas of STEM education and NASA relevant research.
· Design, develop, implement, and evaluate STEM education programs.
· Conduct an analysis of current STEM education research, both current and trending, in order to facilitate new approaches for the execution of programs designed to develop and train technical workforce for the Nation and NASA.
· Facilitate relationships with other Federal Agencies to enhance under-graduate and graduate learning.
· Functions as Agency Program Manager for NASA Scholarships, Fellowships and NASA’s International Internship programs

Desired Skill-Sets, Competencies and Experience
For this position the candidate shall posses the follow skill-sets and competencies:
· Ability to be self-directed and capable of initiating work products aligned with priorities
· Cognitive Skills associated with leadership and management
· Demonstrated project management skills
· Ability to apply risk management and risk mitigation expertise
· Excellent communication (oral/written) skills; proficient with formal and technical writing
· Success STEM program development experience
· Programmatic evaluation and assessment experience
· External/Internal awareness and expertise in field of STEM Education
· Process management skills
· Planning/goal setting/roadmap and logic model skills
· Organizational leadership experience
· Computer skills (office suites)
· Research/Analysis Experience
· Time management/optimization skills
· Exceptional interpersonal Skills
· Understanding of multicultural/multigenerational and diversity constructs, trends and challenges within STEM fields.
· Higher education administration and/or STEM research experience
· Undergraduate and graduate workforce development
· Grant management & assessment

The POC for this position is:
Brenda Collins (also CC’ed)
(650) 604-3540