Sidney Smith Celebrates #CSEdWeek

2015 HBCU All-Star

Celebrating #CSEdWeek

Why did you decide to major in Computer Science?

Sidney Smith

Sidney Smith
University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff
Senior, Computer Science

I will never forget registration day for college. I sat with my counselor and she asked what I would like to major in. I was unsure and told her “general studies.” She said that would be a bad idea and I should pick something. I came up with Information Technology (IT). She stated our school’s “IT” was for “INDUSTRIAL Technology,” and the only field of study pertaining to computers was Computer Science. I figured I would give it a try. My first semester I was enrolled in Computer Science I. The first time I coded, executed, and saw my work run perfectly was a spark that lit the fire. I am now one semester away from graduating with honors in Computer Science and Mathematics.


What do you plan to do with your computer science major in the future?

Oddly enough I am becoming very passionate about agriculture and growing my own food. On the surface it would seem having a background in CS is totally irrelevant. Luckily for me computers are used in every field in these technological times. I am in the process of interviewing with a prominent, world-wide technological company as a Software Engineer. This is one of the highest paid occupations to date. I have also become quite found of Data Analytics and Database Administration. These two practices will assist in the agriculture venture. I am also able to establish networks and design websites either professionally or as a lucrative side hustle.

Sidney Smith is a 2015 HBCU All-Star from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.  He is a senior and computer science major.