National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Profressions

The National Center E-Note is an electronic newsletter providing news, updates and analysis concerning events and issues of interest to constituency groups.

May 2015 Edition Contents:

  1.      The National Center’s 42nd Annual Conference: A Major Success
  2.      Photographs from the Annual Conference
  3.      Proceedings from National Center Conference Since 1973 Now Available On-Line
  4.      NYPERB ALJ Decides Cayuga Comm. Coll. Adjuncts Belong in Separate Unit
  5.      NLRB RD Finds Lesley Univ. Temporary Faculty Should Be in Unit with Core   Faculty
  6.     GEU-UAW and U. Conn. Ratify First Contract for Graduate Assistants
  7.     SEIU Certified to Represent Lecturers at Boston University
  8.     Petition Filed for Representation of Schenectady County Comm. Coll. Adjuncts
  9.     Representation Election Scheduled for Siena College Adjunct Faculty
  10.     Representation Election Scheduled for Siena College Visiting Faculty
  11.     Webster University Adjuncts Vote Down Union Representation
  12.     NYU Annual Labor Conference To Examine Employee and Employer Status
  13.     The Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy 
  14.     Donate to Support the National Center’s Work and Mission
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