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Volunteer iconMentoring is an important contributor to the success of young people. Many successful adults credit a teacher, coach, faith leader or some other mentor with helping them raise their aspirations or navigate difficult times. Specifically, youth with high-quality, sustained mentors are more likely to engage in positive behavior and less likely to engage in negative behavior. Through direct and sustained high-quality mentoring, young people can personally and directly observe how an individual maneuvers through failures, pitfalls and other challenges before actually achieving a goal. Despite the demonstrated importance of high-quality, sustained mentoring, a recent survey of young people ages 18-21 found that one in three young people will reach age 19 without the benefit of a mentor. Statistics show that mentoring decreases truancy, increases employability skills and decreases youth violence. Seventy-six percent of at-risk young adults who had a mentor aspire to enroll in and graduate from college versus half of at-risk young adults who had no mentor.

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A recent survey projects that more than one in three young people – an estimated 16 million – will never have an adult mentor.

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Join thousands across the country and MAKE A DIFFERENCE and sign up to mentor a young person in your community by going to www.serve.gov/mentor to find mentoring and other volunteer opportunities in your community.