Foundational Documents

Toolkits and Guidance

Milestone 1: Entering School Ready to Learn

Milestone 2: Reading at Grade Level by Third Grade

Milestone 3: Graduating from High School Ready for College and Career

Milestone 4: Completing Post-Secondary Education or Training

Milestone 5: Successfully Entering the Workforce

Milestone 6: Reducing Violence and Providing A Second Chance

Press Releases

Policy Statement on Supporting the Development of Children who are Dual Language Learners in Early Childhood Programs

“FACT SHEET: White House Launches the Fair Chance Higher Education Pledge”

“FACT SHEET: President Obama Applauds New Commitments in Support of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative”

“FACT SHEET: The White House Launches the “My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge”

“Senior Obama Administration Officials to Visit Miami”

“Senior Education Official to Give Remarks on Importance of Mentoring at 100 Black Men of America Conference in Atlanta”

“2016 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit Explores Themes of Tolerance and Inclusion”

“FACT SHEET: New Commitments Announced in Support of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative at ESPN Town Hall with President Obama at North Carolina A&T State University”


Milestone 2: U.S. Department of Education Takes Action to Deliver Equity for Students with Disabilities

Milestone 3: Every Student, Every Day: Obama Administration Launches First-ever National, Cross-Sector Initiative to Eliminate Chronic Absenteeism in Our Nation’s Schools

Milestone 3: FACT SHEET: The White House Launches New National Effort and Ad Council Campaign to Eliminate Chronic Absenteeism and Drive Student Success

Milestone 3: FACT SHEET: New Cities Join My Brother’s Keeper Success Mentors Initiative to Combat Chronic Student Absences and Drive School and Life Success

Milestone 3: New Initiative to Provide All Students Access to Great Educators (Excellent Educators for All Initiative)

Milestone 3: Secretary King Calls for Charter Schools to Lead on Rethinking Student Discipline

Milestone 3: Educators Gather at White House to Rethink School Discipline

Milestone 3: Persistent Disparities Found Through Comprehensive Civil Rights Survey Underscore Need for Continued Focus on Equity, King Says (Civil Rights Data Collection Release)

Milestone 3: U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance to Schools on Ensuring Equity and Providing Behavioral Supports to Students with Disabilities

Milestone 3: Department of Education Releases Resources on Improving School Climate

Milestone 3/5: FACT SHEET: White House Announces New Summer Opportunity Project

Milestone 3: New Data Show Chronic Absenteeism is Widespread and Prevalent Among All Student Groups (CRDC)

Milestone 4: Weekly Address: A New College Scorecard (College Scorecard Release)

Milestone 4: Fact Sheet: Department of Education Launches Experiment to Provide Federal Pell Grant Funds to High School Students Taking College Courses for Credit

Milestone 6: Justice Department Releases Findings of Constitutional Violations in Juvenile Delinquency Matters by St. Louis County Family Court

Milestone 6: DOJ Civil Rights Reforms in the Administration of Juvenile Justice: 2012- Present

Milestone 6: DOJ Summary of Findings, St. Louis Family Court

Milestone 6: Cover Letter- re: Investigation of the St. Louis County Family Court

Milestone 6: Report- Investigation of the St Louis County Family Court

Milestone 6: Statements by Head of the Civil Rights Division Vanita Gupta and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York on the Filing of the Proposed Settlement Agreement Regarding Rikers Island

Milestone 6: Rikers Class Notice

Milestone 6: Rikers Consent Judgment

Milestone 6: Rikers Final Brief

Milestone 6: Rikers Final Motion to Approve Settlement

Milestone 6: Rikers Friedburg Declaration

Milestone 6: Rikers Proposed Order

Milestone 6: Department of Justice Statement of Interest Supports Meaningful Right to Counsel in Juvenile Prosecutions

Milestone 6: NP vs State of Georgia Statement of Interest

Milestone 6: U.S. Department of Education Launches Second Chance Pell Pilot Program for Incarcerated Individuals

Milestone 6: FACT SHEET_ President Obama Announces New Actions to Promote Rehabilitation and Reintegration for the Formerly- Incarcerated

Milestone 6: Senior Obama Administration Officials to Participate in My Brother’s Keeper Fulton County Task Force Event

Milestone 6: Department of Justice Announces New Department-Wide Implicit Bias Training for Personnel

Milestone 6: Implicit Bias Training Memo

Milestone 6: FAQs on Implicit Bias

Archived Blogs

“President Obama to Young Men of Color: ‘You matter. You count.'”

“Giving Every Young Person a Path to Reach Their Potential”

President Obama at my Brother’s Keeper Town Hall: “America Will Succeed If We Are Investing in Our Young People”

“My Brother’s Keeper: A Year Later”

“My Brother’s Keeper: A Year of Progress”

“Restoring Hope and Closing Opportunity Gaps”

“Fatherhood is a Community Value”

“My Brother’s Keeper Data Jam: Old World Values with New World Strategies and Tools”

“Engaging America’s Youth in STEM through Hands-on Experiences in Labs and Communities Across America”

“Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. By Planting Seeds of Service and Friendship”

“New Announcement Helping to Achieve MBK Goals by Doing What Works”

“Two Years of MBK: Building Lasting Bridges of Opportunity for Young People Everywhere”

“The Faces of My Brother’s Keeper”

Milestone 3: “Absences Add Up: New Chronic Absenteeism Campaign Works to Get Kids to Class, and to Graduation”

Milestone 3: “MBK Helping to Ensure Access to Advanced High School Classes”

Milestone 5: “The First Lady Hosts the ‘Beating The Odds’ Summit”

Milestone 5: “Empowering Young Minds at the White House”

Milestone 6: “New Collaboration Aims to Curb Violence and Improve Public Health Access for Minority Youth” (Minority Youth Violence Prevention Program)

Milestone 6: “Secretary Duncan and Attorney General Holder Announce New Efforts to Address the Needs of Confined Youth”

Milestone 6: “Closing the Opportunity Gap for America’s Young People”

Milestone 6: “Painting a Different Picture of Education in the Juvenile Detention Center”

Regulations and Policy Recommendations