IDEA Website Feedback

The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) strives to enhance its Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) website continually.

OSERS launched its IDEA website in June 2017 in order to provide updated department information regarding the IDEA to the public including students, parents/families, educators, service providers, grantees, researchers and advocates.

Prior to and after the launch of the site, OSERS gathered feedback from the public and has made updates to the site based on the feedback it received.

OSERS will continue to gather feedback about the website in order to enhance and add content to the IDEA website to ensure the site remains current.

Two video tutorials highlight features of the site:

Comment below if you have feedback regarding the IDEA website.


  1. The Specific Learning Disability term on the IEP does not define any disability. The term Specific should be defied further to identify the students exact disability or need to be identified as Specific Learning Disability on the IEP. I succesfully wrote IEPs and taught Special Education, elementary, middle school, and high school with numerous certifications. The records on the students never identified the disability and the IEP never specified what the evaluations identified as the disability. It was obvious what the disability of many students were including autistic and MMR which where clearly stated on the IEP. Specific Learning Disability does not clearly define a disability and the IDEA regulating do not identify or define the SLD qualifications.

  2. Thank you!!! I was able to navigate the site with ease. So many subtopics included for research or to improve my research.

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