About Us

The mission of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) is to promote academic excellence, enhance educational opportunities and equity for all of America’s children and families, and improve the quality of teaching and learning by providing leadership, technical assistance and financial support.

OESE’s ultimate vision for success is that all students graduate from high school ready for college and career.

OESE is led by the Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, who serves as principal adviser to the Secretary of Education on all matters related to elementary and elementary and secondary education.

Senior Leadership

Jason Botel
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Delegated the Authority to Perform the Functions and Duties of the Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education

Chief of Staff

Mark Washington
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Planning

Tina Hunter
OESE Executive Officer

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Strategic Initiative

Lisa Ramirez
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Programs

Program Directors

Director, Office of State Support

David Esquith
Director, Office of Safe and Healthy Students

David Cantrell
Acting Director, Office of School Support and Rural Programs

Marilyn Hall
Director, Office of Impact Aid Programs

Sylvia Lyles
Director, Offiice of Academic Improvement

Lisa Gillette
Acting Director, Migrant Education Programs

Tara Ramsey
Acting Director, Office of Indian Education