Student Voices Kick Off Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 2016

“I wasn’t just signed up for a course, I was asked “What pathway do you want to go on?”  I was given options and I didn’t know I had those options, and it opened up another whole door of opportunity for me. Since then I’ve transitioned from the workforce development program…to the community college…and now I’m at the 4-year campus. ..I didn’t know I had those options until someone asked me, “What’s your purpose?” Asking the right questions is how I’m here and thriving in an environment that’s very competitive.”

“Someone came by my [auto repair] garage and asked me about going back to school. I said I have a job, I don’t have time for education, I’m looking for a career path. But she left me the information anyway…This program has done so much for me. I now have a career, I can provide for my family, and…this program has opened my eyes.”

“Academy of Hope has given me the confidence that I need to go on and further my education and to get that certification so that I can go out and help other people.”

These stories of hope, struggle, and inspiration came from a panel of former and current students addressing the annual adult education meeting for state directors and staff.  Their experiences captivated the audience and reinforced the importance of these programs.

These adult students attend or completed a range of programs, including Academy of Hope, a public adult charter school in DC; the University of DC; and a career pathway program partnership with Alexandria, VA Public Schools and VA Dominion Power. The students shared their stories of challenges to get started on an educational path that supported their needs, and their strategies for completing their programs and setting new, higher goals.

During Adult Education and Family Literacy Week and every week, we salute all the youth and adults who are working on their education and thank their teachers and program staff. We are proud of our contribution in ensuring these programs are offered in communities around the country.

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