Weekly OVAE Connection Recap

Did you catch this week’s edition of OVAE Connection, OVAE’s electronic newsletter?  If not, check it out here. In this week’s OVAE Connection there are two featured stories, one on “The Hidden STEM Economy” and the other on Modernizing the E-rate program.
“The Hidden STEM Economy” story summarizes a report by that name recently released by the Brookings Institution and written by Jonathan Rothwell. The main point of the report is that about half of all Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) jobs can be filled by workers who do not hold bachelor’s degrees and that such jobs are prevalent in every large U.S. metro area. STEM jobs often do require higher education, but not always. And they usually pay well whatever level of education they require.

The second story, “Modernizing the E-Rate Program” is subtitled “An Opportunity to Argue for Your Program’s Eligibility” discusses the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently initiated review and modernization of the Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries (aka E-rate program).

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