New IES Funding Opportunities Available!

The Institute for Education Science (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education released FY 2014 funding announcements for five grant competitions in education and training research last week.  There are three opportunities in particular that may help advance research and evaluation on postsecondary and adult education:

  1. The Education Research Grants program (305A), which supports a variety of efforts by researchers to develop, improve, and evaluate education policies and programs.  There are ten topic areas for which IES is inviting proposals, including postsecondary and adult education.
  2. The Education Research and Development Centers program (305C), which supports a variety of research, development, evaluation, and national leadership activities aimed at improving the education system, and ultimately, student achievement.  IES is holding a competition this year for a new 5-year, $10 million National Center on Developmental Education Assessment and Instruction.
  3. The Partnerships and Collaborations Focused on Problems of Practice and Policy program (305H), which supports efforts in which education practitioners and researchers work together to develop research plans, adopt a continuous improvement strategy, or evaluate education policies and programs that are already operating on a large scale.  Postsecondary and adult education programs qualify for this program as well.

You can read more about all three programs, as well as other IES funding opportunities available, on IES’s funding page here.