CTE State Directors Convene in Washington, D.C.

Photo of Haigh and Uvin at April 17 CTE State Directors Meeting

John Haigh moderates a session while Deputy Assistant Secretary Johan Uvin engages the audience in discussion.

On April 17th, we had the opportunity to host the 2013 Meeting of the State Directors of Career and Technical Education at the U.S. Department of Education.

Presentation materials and other resources shared during the meeting can be found on the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network. We encourage you to explore the site to learn more about national and state initiatives to promote career pathways and education programs of study development.

In case you were not able to attend the meeting, here is a brief recap:Sharon Lee Miller led a discussion with seven State CTE Directors who attended the “Pathways to Prosperity Symposium” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts in March. The speakers provided their perspectives on the symposium including the importance of business and industry in the development of CTE programs and promoting all pathways as options to students without favoring specific careers or credentials.

Dr. Miller then facilitated a Federal panel on career pathways initiatives featuring Deputy Assistant Secretaries Johan Uvin from OVAE, Gerri Fiala from the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, and Mark Greenberg from the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The discussion centered on the joint initiative to coordinate career pathways efforts by leveraging and exchanging information between agencies.

Following the panel, Mary Clagett, Director for Workforce Policy at Jobs for the Future and Steven Klein from MPR Associates presented their work on the OVAE project entitled Connecting CTE Programs of Study with State and Local Career Pathways Systems. They described the barriers to statewide collaboration they observed while working with the States participating in the project. Directors in the audience provided their top three barriers which were tallied and discussed. Get a PDF copy of the presentation here.

John Haigh, Chief of the Accountability and Performance Branch moderated a presentation by Steven Klein that summarized findings from the OVAE State Perkins Accountability Congress (SPAC) after which Dr. Uvin queried participants on the pros and cons of thresholds to CTE program participation and how students should be counted.

John Haigh continued with a preview of national Perkins performance data and trends that have emerged over the past three years. The data, due to be released at the end of September 2013, included a preliminary glimpse of the latest estimates of participation by gender, ethnicity and postsecondary participation.

Program specialists from the Division of Academic and Technical Education provided observations from their monitoring visits along with tips on how states can avoid findings during Federal oversight of their administration, finance and accountability systems. Get a PDF copy of the presentation here.

The day concluded with a lively Q&A session with OVAE Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier where she garnered input from state directors on how the Department can support the great work that is being done at the state and local levels and assist CTE programs with overcoming the barriers to advancing Career Pathway initiatives.

We thank those CTE State Directors, state government staffs, educators, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, and staff from our federal partners who were able to participate. We wish to thank everyone for their feedback on ways that the Department can assist your state and local communities as we work together to prepare all students for college and careers. We hope that the information that was shared on current and upcoming Department policies and initiatives impacting career and technical education will be useful to our CTE state partners.