Everyone On! Campaign for Digital Literacy

OVAE joins other federal partners in promoting digital literacy and broadband access through the Connect2Compete Ad Council campaign, Everyone On!, which launched on March 21. OVAE recognizes that for learners to be prepared for further education and 21st century jobs, digital literacy is an absolutely critical skill.

Connect2Compete is a unique collaboration of government, corporate, philanthropic and community leaders committed to harnessing technology, especially the transformational power of the Internet, to improve the lives of Americans and their ability to thrive in the global economy. The effort is an outgrowth of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Plan which recommended innovative public-private partnerships to increase the penetration of broadband in America as an economic driver and as a social equity issue.

Connect2Compete has partnered with the Ad Council for the campaign, offering media “spots” and materials featuring celebrities and motivational reasons to get “on.”

OVAE contributed nearly a thousand locations of adult digital literacy training programs to Connect2Compete’s unique locator tool. These locations are part of America’s Literacy Directory, maintained on the LINCS website. The adult education locations join over 20,000 others sites of digital literacy training nationwide. Other agencies contributing data and promoting the launch include the Department of Labor’s Career One Stop Centers, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Department of Commerce “BTOP” grantees, and the Department of Agriculture’s 4-H sites.

To view the public service announcements, visit EveryoneOn.adcouncil.org