Recognition Procedures

The types of reviews the NACIQI considers as part of the recognition process include:

  • Initial Recognition;
  • Renewal of Recognition;
  • Compliance Reports;
  • Expansions of Scope;
  • Reviews during the period of recognition under 34 CFR 602.33;
  • Informational Reports; and
  • Reports of Significant Enrollment Growth.

A recognition decision is made by the senior Department official (the Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education) within 90 days of the NACIQI meeting. It is based on the following items:

  • Material provided to NACIQI;
  • Transcript of NACIQI meeting;
  • NACIQI recommendation;
  • Staff recommendation;
  • Third party comments and responses; and
  • Other information/evidence allowed under certain conditions.

See for a detailed description of the recognition review process.