Sec. 303.443 (c)

(c) Impartial hearing officer.

(1) At a minimum, a hearing officer—
(i) Must not be—
(A) An employee of the lead agency or the EIS provider that is involved in the early intervention services or care of the infant or toddler; or
(B) A person having a personal or professional interest that conflicts with the person’s objectivity in the hearing;
(ii) Must possess knowledge of, and the ability to understand, the provisions of the Act, Federal and State regulations pertaining to the Act, and legal interpretations of the Act by Federal and State courts;
(iii) Must possess the knowledge and ability to conduct hearings in accordance with appropriate, standard legal practice; and
(iv) Must possess the knowledge and ability to render and write decisions in accordance with appropriate, standard legal practice.
(2) A person who otherwise qualifies to conduct a hearing under paragraph (c)(1) of this section is not an employee of the agency solely because he or she is paid by the agency to serve as a hearing officer.
(3) Each lead agency must keep a list of the persons who serve as hearing officers. The list must include a statement of the qualifications of each of those persons.
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Last modified on May 3, 2017