Agency Data Plans

The Federal Agency Data Plans outline funding provided and efforts led by Federal agencies which help increase access to Federal government resources and support the educational attainment of all students, including Hispanics in key areas: early learning; family engagement; college access; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education; Latino teacher recruitment; and postsecondary education. The data plans below reflects information collected from 17 Federal agencies for the fiscal year (FY) 2015 reporting period and 19 Federal agencies for the FY2013 reporting period.

 cia-logo    Central Intelligence Agency, FY2015

consumerproduct    Consumer Product Safety Commission Data Plan, FY2013

     Corporation for National Community Service Data Plan, FY2015 FY2013

     Department of Commerce, FY2015, FY2013

     Department of Energy, FY2015, FY2013

      Department of Education, FY2015, FY2013

      Department of Health and Human Services, FY2015, FY2013

DHSseal     Department of Homeland Security, FY2015,  FY2013

      Department of Housing and Urban Development, FY2015, FY2013

      Department of Labor, FY2015, FY2013

      Department of State,  FY2013

      Department of Treasury, FY2013

      Department of Defense, FY2015 , FY2013

      Department of Veteran Affairs, FY2015FY2013

epa-logo        Environmental Protection Agency, FY2015

       General Services Administration, FY2015, FY2013

neaseal    National Endowment for the Arts, FY2013

nsfseal    National Science Foundation, FY2015FY2013

nasalogo     National Aeronautics and Space Administration, FY2015

      Office of Personnel Management, FY2015, FY2013

peacecorpseal      Peace Corps, FY2013

      Social Security Administration, FY2015FY2013