Rosalita Santiago


Rosalita Santiago

First Grade Math and Spanish Language Arts Teacher

Arlington, Virginia

Rosalita Santiago has twelve years of experience in education, teaching kindergarten, first grade, seventh grade, and high school. She is a first grade Math & Spanish Language Arts teacher at Claremont Immersion School in Arlington, Virginia.Rosalita joined the community of Claremont Immersion School in 2014. She is a mentor to a first-year Latino teacher and a teacher leader for her schools pilot program Discovery Education/Digital Learning School.

Her professional experience includes being a lead mentor, a Kindergarten and World language In-service facilitator, a world language curriculum developer, and an ECO school representative. Rosalita is an active participant of her professional learning community. She loves learning as well as collaborating with her peers. She is currently working with her school ITC, Wilmarie Clark, and is starting a new coding club at her school this spring. Her goal is to increase student access and exposure to computer science education through after-school programs. Rosalita graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a B.A., English Secondary level. She earned an M.A., K-12 Technology Integration from Nova Southeastern University. She also obtained M.Ed., P.K.-6 Elementary Education from Marymount University.

Why do you teach?

It is fun and challenging. I enjoy working with children and providing them with opportunities for them to explore, discover, and learn independently and collaboratively through a variety of learning experiences. It is a rewarding career.

What do you love about teaching?

I love all aspects of teaching. It is a dynamic profession! It is an amazing experience to be able to not only plan, create, and deliver learning opportunities for the students, but to learn from students as they immerse themselves in the learning process.

When you were a student, was there a great teacher who inspired you?

In my early educational years I would have been considered a transient student. My family moved many times between Puerto Rico and New Jersey as well as within New Jersey. I cannot recall a time I felt unwelcomed as I started a new school or returned to my previous school. My teachers were always kind, respectful, and understanding. They made sure I was learning and being challenge. In addition, they also taught my mom how to support me at home in completing homework assignments. I am not able to name a specific teacher, as I was lucky to have a great support system not only at my school but at home. My mom and my older sister were always available to answer my questions and provide support as needed. It is an honor for me to say that all of the teachers that taught me and my family inspired me to be driven and a lifelong learner.