GOVERNOR JEB BUSH (FL): “The Education Freedom Scholarship Program will expand successful choice efforts in states across the country, empowering more families to explore educational opportunities without increasing the size of government or raising taxes. I applaud President Trump and Secretary DeVos for their steadfast commitment to increasing educational opportunity for America’s families.” 

GOVERNOR CHRIS SUNUNU (NH): “Yesterday’s announcement by the United States Department of Education is an exciting opportunity for New Hampshire students and families… We are very excited to learn more about hos this new federal tax credit initiative can complement and expand our program.”

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR TIM GRIFFIN (AR): “I applaud President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for their bold, transformational plan to improve education through choice. The proposed Education Freedom Scholarships will give parents the freedom to choose the best educational options to meet the individual learning needs of their children without impacting existing federal education funding… This plan is a game changer for our kids, and Arkansas should take full advantage of this opportunity and implement a similar program now.”

SENATOR TIM SCOTT (SC): “Education is the single-most impactful gift our generation can pass on to the next one… As part of my America 2030 agenda, I’m proud to partner with Senator Cruz to work towards a future in which kids like me, born into a single-parent family in poverty, have a chance to dream bigger.”

SENATOR LAMAR ALEXANDER (TN): “This legislation will give more American families broader choices of the best possible educational opportunities for their children, and will give states more incentives to create their own scholarship programs.”

REPRESENTATIVE JOE WILSON (SC): Secretary DeVos, Senator Cruz, and Representative Byrne “penned an op-ed about upholding educational freedom for our children and grandchildren. [I am] grateful to co-sponsor the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act and support school choice.”

REPRESENTATIVE DOUG LAMALFA (NV): “I’m proud to be an original co-sponsor of [Representative Byrne, Senator Cruz, and Secretary DeVos’s] Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act. Every student and their parents deserve the freedom to select the best education opportunities that’s best for them.”  

EDUCATION COMMISSIONER WAYNE LEWIS (KY): “If passed by Congress, Education Freedom Scholarships could be used to advance the Kentucky Department of Education’s priorities, namely increasing participation  in high-quality, early-learning experiences and increasing student access to dual credit coursework and career and technical education courses and programs.”

NAT MALKUS WITH THE AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE: “The ‘Education Freedom Scholarship’ proposal’s overall design is a solid attempt to walk a tightrope of backing state efforts at school choice while protecting against federal meddling now and in the future. Unfortunately, a number of critics on the right are too quick to react on their fears, and too slow in remembering what is holding back school choice.”

JOHN SCHILLING WITH THE AMERICAN FEDERATION FOR CHILDREN: “The Education Freedom Scholarships bill is a major step forward in empowering families with greater educational choice and ultimately greater economic benefit… This legislation is an unprecedented opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to come together in support of expanding educational opportunity for America’s families and students”

YOUNG AMERICA’S FOUNDATION: “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ planned Education Freedom Scholarships are a positive step forward in the vitally important family-school relationship… By reducing reliance on government, keeping more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans, and providing more educational choice for students, Education Freedom Scholarships are a smart way for Secretary DeVos to continue her work of bringing commonsense conservatism to the Department of Education.”

JEANNE ALLEN WITH THE CENTER FOR EDUCATION REFORM: “With the Education Freedom Scholarship and Opportunity Act, Washington will take a significant step toward expanding federal support for innovation, opportunity and access to high-quality education for students across America… We welcome federal policymakers’ support of a decades-old movement to transform public education.”

COUNCIL FOR AMERICAN PRIVATE EDUCATION: “At an event at the US Department of Education on February 28, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, joined by US Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and US Representative Bradley Byrne (AL), announced legislation that would establish a federal tax credit to encourage donations to scholarship granting organizations.

DARLA M. ROMFO WITH CHILDREN’S SCHOLARSHIP FUND: “Our experience has shown that children thrive when their families are empowered to choose the school that best meets their needs and allows them to flourish and live up to their full potential. A federal tax credit would incentivize more donations for scholarships and allow many more families to enjoy this benefit… We are very encouraged by the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act. The very prospect of a federal tax credit for scholarships is a big step forward for education!”

CENTER FOR ADVANCING OPPORTUNITY: “The Center for Advancing Opportunity commends the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act unveiled today by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and bill sponsor Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL)… This legislation has the potential to open the doors of opportunity to millions of families, students, and educators alike.”

THE REFORM ALLIANCE: “Were you aware that under the Education Freedom Scholarship proposal, states could choose creative and unique approaches to giving students access to the right education for them? That sounds pretty great to us. How about you?”

NATHAN DIAMENT AND MARK BANE WITH THE UNION OF ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGATIONS: “We welcome this legislative proposal as an important first step to better empower parents and others to determine the best education for their children… The Orthodox Union is deeply appreciative of Secretary DeVos, Sen. Crus and Rep. Byrne for putting forth this new policy to expand educational opportunities for our students.”

RABBI ABBA COHEN WITH AGUDATH ISRAEL OF AMERICA: “We encourage lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, to put a bipartisan stamp on the common-sense policy that is at the heart of this bill: assisting parents to provide the learning environment that is the best fit for their child.”

CHESTER E. FINN, JR. WITH THOMAS FORDHAM INSTITUTE: The Education Freedom Scholarships initiative “seems to me to be a thoughtful, flexible, workable – and blessedly modest – initiative and I sincerely hope that it, or something like it, eventually becomes real.”