Initiative Leadership


06092014 - HBCU Staff Photos

Dr. Ivory A. Toldson
Executive Director
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 4C134
Washington, DC 20202
Phone: (202)453-5645
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Jaye Espy









Ms. Jaye Espy
Chief of Staff
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 4C130
Washington, DC 20202
Telephone: (202)401-0439
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06092014 - HBCU Staff Photos

Ms. Sedika Franklin
Associate Director
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 4C126
Washington, DC 20202
Telephone: (202) 453-5630 office
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03152016 - Tammi Fergusson Official Portrait 1









Ms. Tammi Fergusson
Program Analyst
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 4C122
Washington, DC 20202
Telephone: (202) 453-5626
Tammi Fergusson Biography

03072016 -Official Portraits Elyse Jones









Ms. Elyse Jones 
Operations & Program Analyst
400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 4C128
Washington, DC 20202
Telephone: (202) 453-5627


03072016 -Official Portraits Joeletta Patrick









Ms. Joeletta Patrick
Senior Fellow, White House Initiative on  Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Manager, Minority University Research and Education Program
Telephone: (202) 453-7588
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Dr. Bryant Marks
Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Morehouse College
Director, Program for Research on Black Male Achievement and Development
Senior Advisor, White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Telephone: (202) 453-7022