The  FAA provides the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world.

The FAA is looking for exceptional men and women to support our mission at airports and in our skies.

The FAA will begin accepting applications on, February 10, 2014 for a limited time, so start your application now. Applicants are highly encouraged to use the resume builder available on the USAJOBS website:

Visit the USAJOBS Resource Center at to learn how to build your resume, and access tips and tutorials on applying and interviewing for federal jobs. To be considered for a position as an air traffic controller, you must:

Be a U.S. citizen.

Start the FAA Academy no later than your 31st birthday.

Be willing to relocate to an air traffic facility based on the FAA’s highest needs at the time.

Have three years of progressively responsible work experience, or a Bachelor’s degree, or a combination of post-secondary

Education and work experience that totals three years.

Most types of paid or unpaid employment will provide progressively responsible experience, as you learn about the, organization, gain knowledge about the work, and demonstrate responsibility. If you intend using any post-secondary education as part of your eligibility, you must submit official transcripts with your application.

Selected applicants must also:

Pass the FAA pre-employment tests.

Pass a medical examination.

Pass a security investigation.

Demonstrate ability to speak English clearly enough to be understood over communications equipment.

Most applicants selected for employment will attend the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City for approximately three months to receive specialized training. For more information, visit: