Be Informed

We have received notice of the following funding opportunities from various federal agencies.

We hope that the information is beneficial to you and your efforts.


Agency Grant Title Grant Number Submission Deadline
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Adminis. Targeted Capacity Expansion: Substance Abuse Treatment for Racial/Ethnic Minority Women at High Risk for HIV/AIDS (TCE-HIV: Minority Women)  TI-13-011 May 14, 2013  
 National Institutes of Health Aging Research Dissertation Awards to Increase Diversity (R36) Grant.  PAR-13-152 May 07, 2016
 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  Refugee Home-Based Childcare Microenterprise Development Project Grant  CMS-1A1-13-002 May 30, 2013
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Well Integrated Screening and Evaluation for Women Across the Nation (WISEWOMAN) Grant  CDC-RFA-DP13-1302 Apr 30, 2013  
 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  Nationwide Program for National and State Background Checks for Direct Patient Access Employees of Long Term Care Facilities and Providers – 9th Announcement Grant  CMS-1A1-13-002 May 30, 2013
 National Institutes of Health  Advancing Exceptional Research on HIV/AIDS (R01) Grant.  RFA-DA-14-003 Aug 01, 2013  
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  Using Evidence from Science and Community Practice to Develop Web- and other Technology-Based Tools for HIV Treatment Service Provider Organizations to Improve Linkage, Retention, and Re-Engagement of HIV-Positive Persons in Care Grant.  CDC-RFA-PS13-1311 May 10, 2013
 Health Resources & Services Administration  State Offices of Rural Health Grant Program (SORH) Grant  HRSA-13-162 May 13, 2013
  HHS/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  National Center for Environmental Health/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Public Health Conference Support Program Grant  CDC-RFA-EH13-1306 May 02, 2013   
HHS/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Organizations for Chronic Disease Prevention Grant CDC-RFA-DP10-10080401SUPP13 Apr 15, 2013  
HHS/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Promoting, Strengthening and Enhancing Disease Prevention by Collaboration with Targeted Stakeholders Grant CDC-RFA-IP13-1303  Jun 05, 2013  
National Science Foundation EHR Core Research (ECR)


NSF 13-555 July 12, 2013