May Issue of Superintendent Update Now Available

The latest issue of the Superintendent Update is now online. This issue provides a recap of the recently held Superintendent Call and provides information the publication of proposed criteria for next Race to the Top district-level competition.

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New Issue of Superintendent Update Now Available

The latest issue of OESE’s Superintendent Update is now available! The issue includes the latest on ESEA flexibility, information on recent guidance and studies put out by ED, and some resources for rural educators and administrators.

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Up-to-date information from OESE: April Superintendent Monthly!

Superintendents — are you keeping up with all that’s happening in OESE and the Department of Education? Read all about our latest grants and events through the April issue of Superintendent Monthly. If you want to be kept up-to-date, you can sign up to join the Superintendent mailing list, which will share our monthly newsletter and information on any Superintendent calls coming up.

March Superintendent Monthly: Education Month

I’m pleased to announce that our March issue of Superintendent Monthly is now posted online. We have more information on the upcoming Superintendent Call in April, as well as updates on the President’s activities during March, which has been designated as “Education Month” by the White House. We also have some new grant opportunities open, so I encourage you to take some time to read over the newsletter.

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New Issue of Superintendent Monthly

supt headingThe February issue of the Superintendent Monthly E-Newsletter is now available online! We sent out the e-newsletter yesterday to our Superintendent mailing list, and posted online on our Superintendent Monthly page. We have some great information and updates on what’s happening in OESE and in the Department — including updates on the President’s FY 2012 budget and current grant competitions within OESE — so please be sure to check it out.

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Today’s Superintendent Call and Webinar

I just finished a wonderful Superintendent Call and Webinar with our community of superintendents. Thank you to all who joined us for the call. I want to especially thank Secretary Duncan, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, and Assistant Superintendent Nikolai Vitti for helping to lead the call.

The conference call was recorded, and will be available for replay for the next month. If you missed the call, you can listen in by dialing the following number: 888.566.0041.

In addition, I know some of you weren’t able to get to the webinar, so I’m attaching a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here. I hope this is helpful to you, and I look forward to speaking to you again during our next call.

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Feb 7 Webinar Presentation.pdf 1.57 MB

Superintendent Resources

If you are a Superintendent, there’s a good chance that you may have received an invitation from me for a Superintendent Call/Webinar in February. I’m really excited about this event, as we’ll have some special guests – including Secretary Duncan – to discuss hot topics Superintendents are dealing with on a day to day basis.

If you haven’t received this invitation from me and want to join our Superintendent call, please let me know by emailing me at Please note that this call is only for Superintendents and/or their staff members.

In addition, we published our January issue of the Superintendent Monthly last week. I hope the issue provided some helpful information for all of you. To read the issue online, visit our Superintendent Monthly page here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

A New Resource – Superintendent Monthly

We recently launched a new resource for superintendents: the Superintendent Monthly, a regular e-newsletter directly from OESE that shares timely and relevant information on the Department, grants, policies, and upcoming events. The December issue of the newsletter can be found here, and if you’d like to be on the distribution list, please let me know at

I look forward to hearing your feedback on this resource!