What We Do

Handshake Cooperation with Other Countries – The Department’s international bilateral relationships are important to education diplomacy and the process of building mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships between countries in the education arena.
group of peopleInternational Forums The Department benefits from working with multilateral organizations that share an interest in and commitment to education across the globe.


2012 International Summit on the Teaching Profession International Summit on the Teaching Profession– The Summit, started by Secretary Duncan in 2011, is the first of its kind and designed to engage governments and teacher organizations in an intensive discussion about how to create a stronger teaching profession.
international-education-week-2012-10 International Education Week– Provides an ideal opportunity to encourage our students to become more globally competent and globally successful through international education and international engagement.


Globe,Plane, Suitcase International Visitors– The International Visitors Program is a professional exchange program that seeks to encourage mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations, and to support people-to-people connections.
globe_books Information on U.S. Education and Mobility  The Department provides information to colleagues in other countries about the U.S. education system.  It also responds to inquiries from the public concerning academic and professional mobility.