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The Grant Application Process

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The Initiative has created a list of resources offered by federal agencies to help grant applicants. While many of these are tailored toward those seeking funding from a specific agency, the information that they offer may be helpful to any grant seeker.

Some things to consider before you apply:

Preparing your application:

Before you submit:

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Become a Grant Reviewer!

Grant application peer reviewers are part of the grant application process, and gain an understanding of what agencies look for when choosing which projects to fund.  Agencies generally require peer reviewers to have subject-matter expertise related to the grants they are evaluating. The Initiative has put together a partial list of websites describing how to apply to be a peer reviewer at a number of grantmaking agencies.  You may have to search the webpage to find the section about grant reviewers.  Please note that agencies generally have restrictions on reviewers when there is a potential conflict of interest.

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